Core Values

EEDC stands on four pillars known as the company's core values, namely INTEGRITY, CUSTOMER FOCUS, PROFESSIONALISM and INNOVATION. 


Integrity is the hallmark of a person who demonstrates sound moral and ethical principles. Integrity is the foundation on which co-workers build relationships based on trust. A person with integrity is trustworthy and dependable. 


A customer-focused staff works to consistently deliver higher levels of service than expected. Customer-focused staff are those self-motivated individuals for whom the “customer experience” is important and who keep raising the standards by which service is defined. At EEDC not only do we realize that without the customer we do not exist, but we are very clear in our understanding that making the customer’s life better is our reason for being. 


The professional EEDC staff is highly knowledgeable in executing his role. The staff is structured and organized and can be counted on to get a job done. The EEDC professional is calm, courteous and displays strong moral ethics. These characteristics make the EEDC professional confident but not arrogant. Finally, the EEDC professional is neat in appearance, irrespective of their job function. 


Innovation is defined as that quality that seeks to come up with an idea or invention or process, that can be developed into a product or service that creates value for our customers. Innovation is creativity, the ability to be creative. The innovative EEDC staff is creative in seeking solutions to enhance value. However, this staff realizes the need to operate within acceptable norms, ethics and values. In essence, innovation is not a password for breaking the law, but is to be deployed as a complementary value to those earlier described.